Richard started Woodturning in the late 1980s when he decided he needed something to do outside of work, Woodturning was something he had done, like many of his generation, when at school and decided he would investigate what would be required to start Woodturning, some 30 years after this first experience.

Twenty-five years on he has progressed from the early exploration of selling at Craft Fairs to the supply of his work to some of the premier Galleries in the South of England.

His portfolio of work encompasses both functional and decorative items using when ever possible locally sourced and sustainable timber such as Ash, Oak and Yew to name just a few.

Richard has developed a number of signature designs such as his Decorated and Stitched Pots, Banksia Weed Pots and Deco Bowls as well as a range of useful items such as Pin Cushions and Paperclip Tidies all of which can generally be found in his various outlets or as part of his display at Craft Fairs.

Richard is a member of the Wessex Guild of Craftsmen.

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Further information

The Wessex Guild of Craftsmen




Exhibitions I have participated in.

2015 – Sir Harold Hillier Gardens with the Wessex Guild of Craftsmen

2015 – Dovetail, Romsey Abbey

2016 – LaymarCrafts Woodturning, Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

2016 – Sir Harold Hillier Gardens with the Wessex Guild of Craftsmen

2016 – St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery Summer Exhibition

2016 – Hampshire Open Studios

2017 – Sir Harold Hillier Gardens with the Wessex Guild of Craftsmen

2017  – Hampshire Open Studios

Exhibitions I will be  participating in.-

2018 – LaymarCrafts Woodturning, Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

2018 – Hampshire OpenStudios

2019 – LaymarCrafts Woodturning, Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Commissions I have undertaken.

Trophy Plinths for Rugby Club

Patch Cord Holders for Recording Studio

Baton and Plinth for Round Britain Yacht Relay

Keyrings for Umpires at World Archery Championships

Acorn Keyrings for Acorn Healing Trust

Display Stand for large Tribal Drum

Small Oak Bowls with a selection of Acorns as a Party Gift

Backplate for mounting of an Antique Barometer

Display Plinths for Autographed Cricket Balls

Stands for Ostrich Egg’s

Large Oak Bowls for Bread

Light Rose fitting

Church Candle Stick

Acorn Style Draw Handles

Designer Light Prototypes

Acorn Finials for WI Pennant

Acorn Keyrings for Country House Restaurant and Hotel

Modification to wooden Light Rose

Curtain Pole Finials

Display Stands for Jewellery

Acorn Style Curtain Pulls

Bed Knobs for Bed conversion

Table Display Stands